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Friday, August 22, 2014

Clipped by Devon McCormack Book Review


Warning: This title is erotic and contains homosexual content, graphic sex, violence, and strong language. Readers uncomfortable with rough sexual situations should not purchase this book.

Though mortals have been convinced that God cares about their souls, nothing could be further from the truth. He created the world as a gift for his lover, Satan. But when Satan left him, he decided to end what he saw as his most grotesque creation.

Satan and his army of demons are man’s only hope…

The demon Kinzer and his lover, Janka, have been sent by Satan to spy on The Raze, a gang of rogue demons who are working with God to bring about Armageddon. When someone exposes their true allegiances, the Raze clips Kinzer’s wings and murders Janka. Kinzer manages to escape. He tracks down Satan’s allies to warn them about a mole in their midst when he learns that they’ve located the Antichrist—a powerful weapon that could prevent the apocalypse. Now, he’s on a mission to protect the Antichrist and avenge his lover’s death.



5 of 5 M/M

Oh man I have never ever read a book where I could not put it down because I had to know what was coming next. I have to say this first though. This book is a MALE/MALE book and has some serious scenes in it that can be disturbing to many readers. Devon is a great author has that has taken an old story of good vs evil and God vs Satan and changed it and brought something new to the forefront and I have to say I need more.

Kinzer and Janka are angels sent from God to find out what is happening on earth. When Janka and Kinzer are caught by demons Kinzer has his wings clipped and Janka is killed. Kinzer is still on his mission to find out who is the spy is in heaven and who is causing all the issues on earth. When he finds out he can’t believe what is going on but the truth is not as easy as it looks. 

What will happen to Kinzer when the truth finally comes out?

About this author:

Devon McCormack spends most of his time hiding in his lair, adventuring in paranormal worlds with his island of misfit characters. A good ole Southern boy, McCormack grew up in the Georgian suburbs with his two younger brothers and an older sister. At a very young age, he spun tales the old fashioned way, lying to anyone and everyone he encountered. He claimed he was an orphan. He claimed to be a king from another planet. He claimed to have supernatural powers. He has since harnessed this penchant for tall tales by crafting whole worlds where he can live out whatever fantasy he chooses.

A gay man himself, McCormack focuses on gay male characters, adding to the immense body of literature that chooses to represent and advocate gay men's presence in media. His body of work ranges from erotica to young adult, so readers should check the synopses of his books before purchasing so that they know what they're getting into.


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